F-One Rocket Air Sup

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F-One Rocket Air Sup

Having a lightweight construction, the F-One Rocket Air Sup offers an easy take-off and a very stable flying experience.

They are developed following the same sizes & outlines as the rigid boards, the foil position is the same for a perfect balance.The 6’11" is the most compact shape, while flying it allows the best manoeuverability to carve the waves or a boat’s wake.

It is only designed for foiling & includes a Tuttle box and a deck pad. The 7’6" offers a more accessible alternative with a great flying potential and the possibility to use the board without foil.

It is equipped with a Tuttle box, a 3 fins set-up and a complete deck pad. The 7’11" is our renowned Swiss knife, it is able to Supfoil, Windfoil, Windsurf and Sup. It’s also a great board for kids!

It is equipped with a Tuttle box, a 3 fins set-up, a complete deck pad and a mast base. The board shape is based on our Papenoo model and behaves like a real surf in the waves.

Besides being built in the highest quality dropstitch material and having great features, the Rocket Air Sup can be stored into a small bag to be easily brought on your next adventure.

Size 6'11" 7'6"
Volume 136L 168L
Width 28.0" / 71.0cm 30.0" / 72.0cm
Length 6'11" / 211.0cm 7'6" / 229.0cm


Size 7'11"  
Volume 185L  
Width 31.0" / 79.0cm  
Length 7'11" /


Dropstitch Technology:

It is composed of a vertical stitch in-between the deck and the hull that keeps them parallel and extremely rigid.

This allows a great stiffness so our boards can be inflated up to 21 PSI.

Durable and Safe:

The Rocket Air boards are built and assembled in the best possible materials.

Their “soft” structure make them perfect for beginners and a very handy product to carry on a boat as it won’t be damaged and won’t damage anything.

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