F-One Manawa

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F-One Manawa
Ideal for your afternoon cruise along the beach, on a river or a lake, these boards will also let you catch and surf your first waves. The 4 boards of the range enable everyone to find its own fit in terms of volume/length ratio depending on his weight and skills.

Ideal for the beginners and intermediate riders, the F-One Manawa will follow you along your learning process.
With their rounded outline and proven rocker line, they glide easily through the water and are able to surf smaller waves.
The whole range come with the reliable and great looking bamboo deck construction while the 10’6’’ also benefits from the Air Shield Composite technology which makes it light and responsive, yet extremely durable thanks to the outside protective shield skin.

Thanks to their great stability the Manawa boards will guide you easily during your first surfs and will forgive your mistakes. When acquiring more skills, you will still be impressed by their responsiveness.

Size 9'0" 9'6"
Volume 145L 160L
Width 31.5" / 80.0cm 32.5" / 82.5cm
Length 9'0" / 274.0cm 9'6" / 289.0cm


Size 10'0" 10'6"
Volume 175L  196L
Width 33.0" / 84.0cm  33.0" / 
Length 10'0" / 300cm 10'6" /


Bamboo Sandwich Technology:

F-One SUP boards benefit from the Bamboo Sandwich Sandwich construction. Every layer of bamboo is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass or between a layer of carbon.

This allows the sandwich technology to emphasize the characteristics of the bamboo. The final result is a light structure that is super strong and extremely reliable.

Bamboo and Carbon Deck:

On the deck, the board is built using a full layer of carbon fiber over which is laid the bamboo sheet.

Then a final layer of fibreglass is laminated on top, which ensures extreme durability and an amazing light weight.

Bevelled Rails:

Small flat lateral sections in V shapes, allows F-One to reduce the thickness of the rail in certain sections. The other advantage is that they reduce the planing surface of the board which therefore reduces drag.

The combination of a thinner rail and slightly narrower width allows the board to get a better edge into the turns and a tighter arc.

ASC (10'6 Only):

The Air Shield Composit stand up paddles are constructed around a light weight injected EPS core molded to our original shape. It is laminated with a composite made of high strength glass fiber, epoxy resin and a genuine shield made of a high quality protective topsheet layer.

The topsheet is a tough and extremely reliable material also used in the construction of F-ONE twin-tips as well as in most of the skis and snowboards on the market. Thanks to their construction molded in one shot, the A.S.C. SUP are light weight, responsive and extremely durable.


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