Duotone TS Hadlow SLS

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Duotone TS Hadlow SLS

The relationship Duotone has with the 5x times world champion and undisputed king of kiteboarding is a long one. Since joining the team, Aaron has worked with the designers to create the ultimate board for his unique style of riding. Duotone and Aaron Hadlow bring to you, the TS Hadlow SLS!

For 2021 Aaron and the team worked on a new Suspension Flex Cap, which helps to tune the perfect amount of flex into the board. By combining this new technology with reduced reverse flex, the board offers unrivalled pop while maximizing control when landing powerful tricks.

Textreme Innegra and 45° Biax Carbon are used throughout the construction process, providing unmatched strength in a lightweight package. To add durability for hitting features, the board has a grind base which also allows you to use board at the cable park too.

The slider inserts ensure the perfect stance set up with any boot on the market. If your equipment needs to be versatile, then the Team Series Hadlow SLS has you covered. Fit for a champion; it should be more than enough of a match for you!

Duotone TS Hadlow SLS Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • Team Series - 140 x 42.5m (2.6kg) - Rider: 70-90kg
Duotone TS Hadlow SLS Key Features:
  • High Performance Board
  • Wakestyle Width
  • Double V Bottom
  • Precise and Solid Landing
  • Massive pop plus control
  • Responsive Centre Flex
  • Great Control and Pop
  • Fast and Smooth
  • 3D Carbon Cap Sandwich
  • Aggressive Feel with lots of comfort
  • Asymmetrical Concave
  • Hard Flex
Complete with:
  • Board Only or with Duotone Vario or Entity Multi-Adjustable Footstraps
  • Duotone Wakestyle 3.0cm Fins
Duotone Kiteboarding Vario Footstraps:

Duotone Team Series Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board

The tried and tested Vario Combo is once again an integral part of Duotone's collection. The Vario Combo has been completely reworked and is now easier to mount, more compatible and more comfortable.

The new design of the Vario Buckles features modified strap insertions that substantially simplify mounting. The ergonomically shaped Vario Pad still convinces with its high comfort and the proven anti-slip structure guarantees a firm grip in all situations.

The new Vario Strap offers increased size adjustment through the optimized Velcro closure. Adjusting the size is now much quicker and easier. This is particularly important if you have to use neoprene booties in cold conditions or if different riders use the same board.

The Vario Combo is compatible with all Duotone Kiteboarding boards of any product generation.


Duotone Kiteboarding Entity (NTT) Footstraps:

Duotone Team Series Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board Duotone Kiteboarding know every foot is different. The new Entity Combo now comes with a whole range of innovative features such as the NTT ContactPad or the NTT SplitStrap. The entire product once again sets new standards in the evolution of kite sports. The NTT is quick and easy to mount. It offers a variety of settings for a perfect fit.

The NTT has been designed and tested for use together with the new Track System. “The Track” is the new mounting system of our twintips. In connection with The Track, the NTT unfolds its full potential of individual settings, many of which are completely new in kite sports.

The NTT Contact Pad consists of the new, redesigned EVA footpad and the NTT ContactFrame. The ergonomically shaped footpad was developed in cooperation with the leading experts in ergonomics. The Hexagonal Density Control Structure is a new feature. This structure helps reduce pressure in sensitive areas of the foot and contributes to the pad’s low weight. The newly designed Anti-Slip surface ensures a good grip, even in very rough landings and radical moves. Furthermore, the pad is supplied with three NTT Heel Cushions of varying hardness: “soft” for more comfort, “hard” for better control and “medium” for the golden mean.

The NTT ContactFrame is the intelligent basis of the entire footpad that is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Its weight-optimized construction perfectly adapts to the shape of our boards. The advantage of this design and material is that the board’s flex characteristics are not influenced in any way. The NTT Contact Frame envelops the footpad and reliably transfers forces to the board. The NTT ContactPad has direct contact with the board, which enhances the board feeling. For even better fit, the NTT ContactPad is available in four sizes (S / M / L and XL)! The entire package combines individual fit, comfort, control and functional design on a completely new level!

Explosive Pop:

Explosive pop due to the robust biax carbon, perfect for wakestyle, freestyle and park riding.

Hard Flex:

The most aggressive flex and an incredible pop. Hard flex generates dynamic power development when jumping and more stiffness for better control on hard landings.

Minimum Reverse Flex:

The minimum reverse flex ensures landings with absolute control without being in a negative direction.

Single Diffusor Bottom with Grind Base:

The guarantee for massive pop and abolute controlled landings. The Single Diffusor Bottom  is able to deliver massive grip and is offering a robust Grind Base for even more durability..

Premium Performance Construction:

Carbon Beam, where parts of the glass fibre are being replace by unidirectional carbon beams. This results in a faster and even more progressive flex for better pop and reduced weight.

Great Pop and Responsive Feel:

Explosive pop with total control, perfect for wakestyle, freestyle and park riding.

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