Duotone Click Bar

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Duotone Click Bar

The unique Trim Unit of the Duotone Click Bar enables you to power and depower in precise steps at the flick of a switch. The game-changing Click Bar is now even better in combination with the new FLITE99 lines by Robline.

To power your kite, turn the Winder clockwise – this shortens the length of your backlines with every half turn.

To depower, simply push the button in the middle of the Winder and your backlines will lengthen again with every click.

At any time the level of power / depower is visible on the Power Display of the bar, as well as on a neon orange mark above the right floater. The Click Bar is equipped with the Iron Heart V, ensuring a quick and reliable safety release.

Even the guided safety line, are automatically untwisted during rotations. Delivered with a 4 line set up and adjustable to either 20m - 22m or 22m - 24 m line length.

Riders of all skill levels, from newcomers to pros, will benefit from the simplicity and functionality of the new 2021 Duotone Click Bar and Iron Heart V.

Compatible on all 4 and 5-Line kite designs, such as Delta, C, Hybrid, and Bow Kites and all North Kiteboarding Rhino, Rebel, EVO, Fuse, Neo, Mono, Dyno and Vegas Kites.

Adjustable Line Length and Position:

You can change the V-position on the front lines, depending on your preference and riding style.

Iron Heart V:

The Clickbar is equipped with the Iron Heart V, ensuring a quick and reliable safety release. Lines, even the guided safety line, are automatically untwisted during rotations.

4 or 5 Line Setup:

You can choose the best setup, depending on your preference and riding style. The 5th line makes it easier to relaunch, especially on big kites and in low winds.

Automatic Untwisting Safety System:

Lines are automatically untwisted during rotations. Even the guided safety line is untwisted to reach an optimum of safety and comfort.

Compatible with most kites on the market:

Including the Dice, Evo, Neo, Mono, Rebel and Juice. 5th Line version with Vegas.

Duotone Click Bar Benefits:
  • 95% Depower in a split second
  • Compatible on all 4 and 5-Line kite designs, such as Delta, C, Hybrid, and Bow Kites
  • The kite falls to the ground in 6 seconds without any power remaining
  • Easy self landing on the beach
  • Supports water relaunch in light winds
Line Length Advisor:

The length of your flying lines can make a huge difference to the way your kite flies. Different styles of riding also require different line lengths, and lastly different kites and different kite sizes are designed to be flown with different line lengths. Riders often overlook these facts; they get new kites but don’t bother to match the kite and their riding style to the correct lines.

19m (70% Handling / 30% Power):

Super fast and reactive tuning speeds, shorter lines are best for extreme freestyle and crazy kiteloops. They are also excellent for wave riding, where kite turning speed is important. Wakestyle riders like the close connection to the kite too. The disadvantage is you lose some of the low end power.

  • Fast and reactive turning
  • For extreme Freestyle, Wakestyle and Waves
  • Tight, super fast and hard kite loops
22m (60% Handling / 40% Power):

22m lines are still great for getting lots of speed from the kite, perfect for wave riding and freestyle. Not as extreme as the 19m lines, they still lose a bot of low end power.

  • Reactive turning
  • Fast kite loops
  • Favourite set up from our freestyle riders
  • Best choice for waveriding
24m (50% Handling / 50% Power):

The best choice for an all round length, good turning speed combined with good power make 24m the perfect choice for a lot of riders. Great for freeride, waves and freestyle.

  • The most versatile length
  • Great for all round freeriding
  • Good low end and a good turning speed
  • High jumps as you can “load” the lines
  • The recommended size for a one bar quiver
27m (40% Handling / 60% Power):

The extra length means extra power, get a little more range out of your quiver by adding this bar with the longer lines. They are also great for jumping as you can really “load” the lines when you edge and send the kite back through the window.

  • Enormous low end
  • Huge jumps
  • Lots of lift

The bar is your first point of contact with the kite, Iit is the connection between you and your kite and it is important to get it right. And it’s actually an easy formula: The shorter the lines, the more direct and faster the kite turns. The longer the lines, the more power you can generate out of them! Choose a Duotone Trust Bar, and choose the right line set up for your style of riding.

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