Dakine Hammerhead Harness Spreader Bar Complete

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Dakine Hammerhead Harness Spreader Bar Complete

The Hammerhead Spreader Bar has a unique hook shape and length to keep the centre line hooked when needed, but also allows for easy unhooking. Stainless steel fixed and kite-specific spreader bar. Shorter hook for better control.

The Dakine spreader bar pad is a must for rider comfort and is compatible with all Dakine harnesses. Reduces the riding up of the harness and abrasion against your wetsuit and other clothing.

The Dakine Safety Knife allows you to cut your flying lines in an emergency. Positioned just under the spreader bar inside a quick access pocket.

Complete with Spreader Bar Pad and Hook Knife.

  • Hammerhead Spreader Bar
  • Spreader Bar Pad
  • Hook Safety Knife
  • Ready to attach to any Dakine Harness with Power Clip Lock Buckles
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