Cross Kites Boarder Trainer

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The Cross Kites Boarder is designed as the ultimate trainer for learning the basics of Kitesurfing, Snow Kiting or Kite Landboarding. With its super easy to learn design and integrated 2 line control bar system, you will be flying like a pro in no time at all.

A control bar makes kiting easy and gives new possibilities like steering with one hand. It is also a super easy and fun kite to fly at the beach with your friends and family.

The Cross Kites Boarder is made from high strength ripstop nylon material, the same material used in high performance competition kites

The Boarder also comes ready to fly and assembled so you just have to unwind the lines and go flying!

Available in sizes from 1.5m - 2.5m, smaller sizes in the lighter winds are perfect for the whole family and pack down ultra small for easy travel, whereas larger sizes pack some powerful fun for the more power hungry pilots.

Made from high strength ripstop nylon material, the same material used in high performance competition kites, the Cross Kites Boarder is a durable kite making it affordable fun without headaches for young and old.

Flying the Boarder does not require any prior kiting experience as its docile flying behaviour ensures there are no sudden power surges when flying the kite through the wind window.

  • Low Aspect Ratio - for easy handling and predictable flying behaviour
  • Launches instantly
  • Super easy to fly
  • Fast stable controls
  • High quality Dyneema flying lines
  • 2-Line Control Bar with Wrist Leash Safety System
  • All lines and control bar are already connected, just unpack and fly!
  • Minimised Bridle - to reduce the chance of bridles hooking behind each other
  • Rock Solid Construction - combined with specifically chosen materials for top skin, lower skin and profiles to ensure maximum durability

Includes kite, storage bag, flying lines, 2-line control bar, and instruction manual.

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