Cabrinha Tronic

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Cabrinha Tronic

The Cabrinha Tronic is a performance freeride model with a shape and build that allows a rider the ability to crossover and experiment in any and all types of riding including hucking huge lofty airs. The Tronic balances the design elements perfectly to create an all round performance freestyle board that rides well in steep chop and delivers speed and pop on demand.

The Tronic twin tip delivers top performance and slash and run type of riding in small waves or choppy water. The Tronic curved tip outline and generous rocker is a chop killer. It cuts through rough water with ease and adds a whole new dimension of g-force inducing turns when banking off of waves or redirecting in the flats.

The Tronic 149cm model has a completely new shape which favors an off-set surf stance strap positioning.

The Tronic can be taken into the surf and thrown on edge for tight, fan throwing carves. The new 3D base is covered in tough and resilient P-Tex base for added durability.

The Tronic has kept a medium rocker to a fast responsive curve for an confidence inspiring ride yet still with excellent upwind skills for pop when needed.

Built-in rail grips means that you can remove the handle for a more legitimate sense of style while keeping a positive holed where it's needed.

The 3D bottom shape delivers unbelievable edge control, while the lower rocker line provides quick acceleration and speed.

Concaves placed at the tips with a flat centre section provides a smooth ride and forgiving landings.

The tips are soft to give control in chop and also feature a new corner radius to eliminate eye spray.

The Cabrinha Tronic takes full advantage of its 3D bottom shape to deliver a high level of edge control. The Cabrinha Tronic also features a flat centre section for a smoother ride and easy landings.

The Cabrinha Tronic also expands on the 3D bottom concept Cabrinha started four years ago. The quad concave channels have been increased in definition throughout the tips for a more aggressive bite.

  • Powerful carving ability
  • Buttery soft turns
  • Flexible construction for comfort in all conditions
  • Great upwind performance
  • Maximum edge control for boosting
  • Outline with narrow tips which facilitates a smooth ride and carving
  • Quad concave to V-tips provides easy rail-to-rail transition and grip control
Base Components:
  • 4x 50mm fins, 4x washers, 10x m6x16mm screws, grab handle

Cabrinha Tronic: 137 x 41cm
Cabrinha Tronic: 141 x 42cm
Cabrinha Tronic SS: 149 x 44cm

Fin Configuration: 4-Fin


**Price include fins, grab handle**

Cabrinha Source Bindings:

The source bindings have been engineered from the ground up to give riders the ultimate connection to their board. At the heart of every rider's kitesurf experience, the source puts comfort, control and performance into one ergonomicly snug-fitting system.

From first water starts through to megaloop boardoffs, the source gives you the confidence to forget what your feet are doing and concentrate on the rest. Three uniquely sized options combined with the innovative new 360 wrap around strap allows fast customization and the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes.

Cabrinha H2O Bindings:

The Cabrinha H2O Bindings have been specifically designed for the discerning rider who values a fully customizable fit and uncompromising performance. For those that want style, quality, performance and craftsmanship.

Designed for outstanding fit and comfort, the H2O offers an unprecedented ergonomic binding interface. The incremental adjustment provides an industry first innovative heel to toe adjustability to conveniently modify the shape, position and fit of the top strap.

In conjunction with the 360° compression strap, it provides a locked feel unlike no other. The comfort and adjustability of the triple density footpad offers the user a choice of two heel density options: a plush and comfortable option or a performance oriented impact absorbing option.

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